Release 17 October 2022

Fortum launches a feasi­bility study to explore prereq­ui­sites for new nuclear
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We explore the future of nuclear power


In October 2022, we launched a two-year feasibility study to explore prerequisites for new nuclear in Finland and Sweden.

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With our world-class nuclear expertise, we are in an excellent position to explore conditions for new nuclear together with our partners and customers to enable decarbonisation of societies.

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We explore commercial, technological, and societal conditions for new nuclear. We also investigate new partnerships and business models.

With the current uncertainty in the energy market, ventures in the nuclear industry will most likely involve partnership constellations. Partnerships may be formed e.g. between nuclear generating and district heating companies, industrial off-takers of power and heat for whom competitive energy supply is of increasing strategic importance, and nuclear utilities, or start-up companies and established utilities with nuclear competence. Thus, the feasibility study will also explore the potential for service business offerings for new projects in Europe and hydrogen for industrial applications.

Feasibility study will also take a deep look at the newbuild process, such as progress of planning, siting, and licensing, the work group’s intention is to engage the essential external stakeholders, such as political decision makers, civil servants, and nuclear safety authorities in Finland and Sweden, in active dialogue.

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