Advanced digital solutions for O&M excellence and asset performance

As a part of our O&M concept, we provide optimal digital solutions for each customer’s environment for maximum security, efficient energy asset operations, energy management and optimisation, accurate data collection and analysis as well as smooth mobilisation and onboarding.

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Realise your full business potential with digital solutions for energy assets

Digital technologies form an integral part of safe and flexible energy asset operations. Our digital solutions, together with our extensive in-house know-how of O&M excellence and asset performance, ensure maximised returns throughout the life cycle of the asset. This holistic approach guarantees the best practices and a strong O&M culture for successful operation of your energy asset far into the future.

The complexity of the projects, the volatility of energy production and the need to constantly optimise production call for advanced digital solutions to optimise daily energy asset operations. Daily, monthly and annual reports are required to evaluate asset performance from both environmental and production perspectives, and digital tools are also needed for proper production planning, storage handling and optimisation of maintenance.


More about digital solutions for energy assets

Process information and optimisation with TOPi®

TOPi® is an efficient energy data management software that keeps track on your asset’s performance. Users can monitor and manage the equipment performance to ensure productivity and reliability of operations.

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Process simulation with Solvo®

Solvo® is a powerful and static thermo­dy­namical process simulator software. Solvo® Offline offers help for process design and modifi­ca­tions, and Solvo® Online for calcu­lating key perfor­mance indicators in power plants.

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Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management system

The Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management solution enhances energy asset’s availability and efficiency. Fortum has partnered with IBM Maximo® to provide Fortum’s own value-adding components that contain expertise in energy assets, asset management and asset maintenance. 

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