Climate and resources
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Climate and resources

Changes in our operating environment are driven by global megatrends that remain valid: climate change, technology devel­opment, active customers, and resource efficiency. Europe is aiming for climate neutrality by 2050, and Fortum has set its target to reach carbon neutrality (Scopes 1, 2, 3) by 2030 and will exit all coal-based gener­ation by the end of 2027.

Our performance in 2023

  • Specific CO2 emissions from total energy production 32 gCO2/kWh
  • Specific CO2 emissions from power generation 16 gCO2/kWh
  • Direct Scope 1 GHG emission 1.6 million CO2-eq tonnes
  • Total GHG emissions, Scope 1-3, 14.4 million CO2-eq tonnes
  • Fortum’s coal-based capacity 744 MW
  • The share of coal of Fortum’s revenues 3%
  • The share of fossil fuels of Fortum’s revenues 11% (including fossil-based production and gas trading) 
  • The share of fossil fuels of Fortum’s production-based revenues 5%
  • Seawater for cooling accounted for 98% of total water withdrawal
  • Number of major environmental incidents: 2
  • Utilisation of by-products and waste generated at power and heat plants 89 %

Climate change mitigation

Climate change mitigation and adaption require political commitment and ambitious actions from different players in society. Green­house gas emissions need to be reduced in all sectors, not just in electricity, but also, e.g., in heating, cooling, industry and transport. Electri­fi­cation and sector integration mitigate climate change, when electricity, replacing other energy sources, is produced and supplied by low-emission and renewable energy sources. Transition to a low-emission power system also enables the decar­bon­i­sation of other sectors through the coupling of CO2-free power gener­ation and green hydrogen.

Specific CO2 emissions of major utilities in Europe

Fortum is already today one of Europe’s cleanest power generators. In 2023, Fortum’s specific carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1) from total energy production were 32 gCO2/kWh and specific CO2 emissions from power generation 16 gCO2/kWh. Below chart shows the specific CO2 emissions of major utilities in Europe.