We care about your privacy

We take your data privacy seriously. Below, you can find information about how we collect, process and use the data which you provide to us.

A clear purpose for the information collected

We need to collect and treat your personal data for many different purposes and in several ways. We collect information in the relationship we have with you, for the management of our customer relationships, employment relationships, or other business relationships we have with our external stakeholders.

Common for all our personal data processing is that it is carried out with appropriate safeguards taken into account and in accordance with the fundamental principles in data protection legislation.

Data privacy in our different markets

You will find your local privacy information at the company's website:







Individual data

We collect data which is necessary for the relationship you have with us; for example, if you are becoming a customer, visiting our online services or looking for a job.

Your personal information usually reach us through our customer relationship. Examples of personal information are name and contact information, billing address or IP address.

Limitation of data

Fortum processes personal data only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and only when there are valid legal grounds for it.

Learn more about how Fortum Group companies process and use your personal information in Fortum’s Privacy Notice below. Find more detailed information about customer data processing and contact details from your local companies’ sites

Confidentiality and information security

We take data protection and people´s privacy very seriously. At all times, Fortum processes personal data in a manner which ensures information security.

Personal data is always bound to confidentiality and the access is limited only to authorized persons within Fortum and its partners. We fulfil the necessary technical and organizational measures, to ensure that privacy is respected.

Our protective actions

We monitor the access rights so that only the authorized persons have access to the personal data. We use firewalls, pseudonymisation of data, provide detailed instructions and training for personnel on the protection of personal data and we carefully select our service providers.

Learn more about our privacy approach in our Privacy Notice below.

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Further information and contacts

Fortum Group Privacy Policy

Fortum takes privacy seriously and complies with privacy laws. Customers, employees and other stakeholders can trust that we manage data privacy in a correct and transparent way. Ensuring the individual's right to data protection is embedded in Fortum's shared corporate values of curiosity, responsibility, respect and integrity, which form the ethical basis for all work at Fortum.

Our Privacy Policy is to be followed by all Fortum divisions and functions, as well as by suppliers and external persons working for Fortum.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy

Contact information

We offer various services and products in our different markets. For local information on what personal data we collect and process in our different applications and services, as well as exercising your rights, please go to our local sites.


You can Contact Privacy Office to send questions and comments regarding Fortum’s privacy approach.

You are also able to reach Fortum’s Data Protection Officer through the channels provided above.