Our values

We want to operate in a way our employees can be proud of. Our values serve as a compass in evaluating opportunities and guiding our decision-making.

Our Values – curiosity, responsibility, integrity and respect – provide a foundation for our company culture. They serve as a compass in evaluating opportunities, guiding our decision-making and helping us see the world the Fortum way.

Ready for the future

We question the status quo and have the courage to explore. We explore new opportunities in the transforming energy sector and continuously learn and co-create solutions for a cleaner world.

Climate and resources

We take responsibility for our work and our collective impact on society and create sustainable solutions based on stakeholder insight. We never compromise on safety.

Code of conduct

We believe in transparency. We run our business ethically that exposes every challenge, every success and every milestone. We have no hidden agendas and follow our Code of Conduct in our everyday business and work practices.

Collaboration partners

We greatly value each other and our stakeholders, such as our customers and partners. Our success derives from maintaining a diverse and inclusive company culture where everyone feels empowered to thrive and reach their full potential.

Diverse company

Fortum, with its nearly 8000 employees worldwide has a diverse and inclusive company culture. We believe in Open Leadership and in creating a safe and inspiring work environment and company culture that help our people thrive.

Yana Sufiyarova - Market Analyst at Fortum

"We encourage each other and value new ideas and ways of working – it's fun to go to work!"

Yana Sufiarova, Market analyst

Get to know some of your future colleagues

How do we make Fortum a safe and inspiring place to work?

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Code of conduct

It is crucial that we apply the same ethical standards wherever we operate. Our Code of Conduct ensures honest and ethical business practices everywhere and all the time.

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