Hydrogen – an enabler of carbon neutral societies

Hydrogen will play an essential role in reaching climate neutrality in European Union by 2050. Fortum is committed to drive the transition to a hydrogen economy in the Nordics. We are well positioned being one of the largest producers of clean electricity in the Nordic region. Our strategic priority is to drive decarbonisation in industries, in which clean hydrogen is a key element. We are actively exploring hydrogen concepts and business opportunities to offer our customers the best future solutions for their businesses.

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Hydrogen as an enabler for clean societies

Hydrogen produced from CO2-free electricity has the potential to replace the use of fossil fuels and feedstock in many industrial sectors, from steel to fertilizers. Hydrogen’s chemical properties make it versatile, with many different uses ranging from being an energy carrier in its own right, via exchanging fossil coal in steel and iron production, to sustainable fuels.

Hydrogen is often an especially competitive method for decarbonisation where direct electrification isn’t viable. While electrification in the transport sector will play a dominant role for passenger vehicles, it is hydrogen that has the potential to decarbonize shipping, heavy duty vehicles as well as aviation. ​All clean hydrogen contributes to achieving climate targets and a zero emissions society.

Further ahead, hydrogen is also needed to decarbonise the energy sector, where it is expected to gradually substitute natural gas and other fossil fuels as well as providing crucial flexibility in power systems with large amounts of volatile electricity production.

For example, when electricity prices are very low, renewable wind power can be used to produce hydrogen and the hydrogen can then be stored for later use. In this way, hydrogen can also act as an energy storage and a valuable resource for keeping the electricity system in balance.

The best partner to decarbonise your business

We aim to be a key player in the hydrogen economy by developing and providing intelligent and competitive decarbonisation solutions with high availability for our customers. We are in active dialogue with various industrial companies and have a range of projects in development and early stages of exploration.

We combine our experience in clean electricity, district heating and circular solutions with electrolysis to tailor carbon neutrality and sustainable solutions for the needs of our customers.

We develop and provide solutions customised to our customers' demands in, but not limited to, four main segments:

  • Steel & Iron
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemicals & Industry
  • Fuels & Transportation

The role of hydrogen in Fortum's renewed strategy 

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