Fortum Recycling & Waste

We are Rethinking Recycling and leading the way towards a revolution of materials. Solving problems is in our DNA and our mission is to remove hazardous substances from circulation and transform waste streams back to essential sustainable raw materials. Our role is to find solutions for our customers’ environmental and waste challenges to enable circularity of materials. 

Rethinking Recycling

Take a look how we are closing the loops for good

This is what we do

Carbon2x – Rethinking CO2

Fortum’s Carbon2x concept captures CO2 emissions from waste incineration and turns them into materials. This offers a solution for the decarbonisation of waste treatment at hundreds of plants in Europe alone. It also secures a valuable feedstock for new products.

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Full-scope O&M services for energy assets

Fortum provides third-party Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services to ensure that your energy asset runs sustainably, safely and economically. We help you maximise your asset's performance and increase profitability and shareholder value throughout the asset’s lifetime.

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News and articles

Follow the latest news and articles about the circular economy and our business.

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