Fortum's IR Policy

Investor Relations basic principles

  • Consistent level of adequate and timely information
  • Fair disclosure equally to all investors and stakeholders
  • Commitment of top management
  • Openness
  • Service mindedness

The key objectives and tasks of the Investor Relations function

It is in the interest of Fortum as a publicly listed company to effectively communicate with the financial community and other stakeholders in order to achieve the company’s securities a fair valuation and increase the shareholder value.

The key task of Investor Relations is to provide correct, adequate and up-to-date information regularly and equally to all market participants. By doing this, Investor Relations will aim at minimizing the investor's risk and reducing the share's volatility.

Roles and responsibilities

Fortum's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) are responsible for Fortum's investor relations activities. All IR activities are coordinated by the Investor Relations function and all inquiries should be addressed to it.

Silent period

The company voluntarily applies a “silent period” before announcing earnings, during which time it will not comment on the company’s business prospect for the current or previous, non-disclosed quarter. The silent period starts 30 days prior to the date of the earnings announcement.