Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management system

The Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management solution enhances energy assets’ availability and efficiency through improved maintenance planning and management. Fortum has partnered with IBM Maximo® to provide Fortum’s own value-adding components offering expertise in energy assets, asset management and asset maintenance. Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management system is provided to external customers and is used on Fortum O&M sites.

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Power plant personnel at work
Construction worker
Improved safety

through robust process isolation and work authorisation system

Development tools and methods
Reduced downtime and increased productivity

through better planning and scheduling

Cost efficient
Reduced maintenance costs and optimised spares holding (=capex)

through predictive maintenance and a systematic way of working

Professional maintenance management with a customised Maximo solution

Highly developed production automation and profit demands require a lot from maintenance management at power plants. Equipment must operate reliably without unexpected failures or production breaks. The Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management solution is utilised at Fortum’s O&M sites for managing assets and procurement.

The maintenance regime is based on a suitable maintenance strategy updated through continuous asset condition reporting. The acquired maintenance data is used for planning and scheduling maintenance work and outages, optimising spare parts holding, and managing inventories and procurement. This structured way of working ensures work safety and quality. Maximo provides good reporting capabilities for planning and analysing maintenance effectiveness and costs.

Fortum Asset and Maintenance Management solution in a nutshell



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