Long-Term Service Agreements for turbines and generators

Turbines and generators are special equipment whose maintenance requires special competence. Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) with an experienced and specialised service provider like Fortum eNext offers comprehensive equipment life cycle management and maintenance, allowing plant owners to concentrate on fulfilling their core tasks in the rapidly changing business environment.

Economical benefits

The results of a long-term partnership can be seen clearly in reduced maintenance downtime as well as costs.

Spot-on service

Continuous condition monitoring minimises risks and enables optimised timing for maintenance activities.

Independent service provider

Guarantees the best technical and most economical solution to each specific need in question.

Continuity and best service level with long-term service agreement

In today's operating environment, a long-term approach to equipment life cycle management and maintenance is often missing. Long-term service agreements by Fortum eNext are specially designed to handle maintenance activities of turbine generators throughout the equipment lifetime.

A partnership with a competent service provider brings clear savings to the power plant owner, in terms of knowing the equipment history, performing continuous monitoring of its condition, and being able to take spot-on corrective action before major failures occur. If issues still do occur, no time is wasted in selecting the service provider - a knowledgeable, specialized technical support and maintenance staff is always available on a short notice, and the time and effort can be put in a fast problem solving.

With its expertise on a wide range of turbine generators from several different equipment manufacturers, Fortum eNext can cover the owner's whole fleet with equipment from various brands.

Always the right fit for your needs

Having a strong service partner gives plant owners an excellent basis for updating their maintenance plans, brings understanding why certain maintenance activities are needed, and gives clear guidance for planning future investments. This is a powerful tool to optimise turbine generator related risks to an acceptable level - even if the plant's own staff would no longer possess the needed special competence on high-value and high-risk turbomachinery.

Learn more about our long-term service agreements and their benefits

Long-term partnership brings you savings in terms of time and money through:

  • Continuity - Knowing the maintenance history enables precise technical support to fit the actual need
  • Continuous condition monitoring - Having constant awareness of the state of the equipment leads to less surprises and enables optimised timing for maintenance activities
  • Focus - When in need of support, you can focus on actual measures rather than selecting the service provider
  • Accuracy - Better planning and more accurate budgeting

Customer references

Fortum eNext has numerous ongoing LTSA agreements in the Nordic countries.  Learn more about our selected customer cases below, and find out how a long-term partnership brings you savings in terms of time and money.

Long-Term Service Agreement with BIR Avfallsenergi AS

Long-Term Service Agreement with Veolia Kilpilahti

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