Long-term service agreements for turbines and generators

Turbines and generators are special equipment whose maintenance requires special competence. A Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) with an experienced service provider like Fortum offers comprehensive equipment lifecycle management and maintenance – from maintenance planning and inspections to overhauls and spare parts management.

Increased efficiency
Maximising availability

The results of systematic maintenance work can be seen clearly through reduced downtime and the avoidance of unexpected breakdowns.

Customer service
Spot-on service

Regular inspections and condition monitoring with short enough intervals minimises risks and enables optimised timing for maintenance activities.

Turbine generator
Independent service provider with a utility background

Guarantees the best technical and most economical solution for each specific need.

A handshake after closing a long-term service agreement

Continuity and best service level with long-term service agreement

In today’s operating environment, a long-term approach to equipment lifecycle management and maintenance is often missing. Long-term service agreements by Fortum are specifically designed to handle the maintenance of turbine generators throughout the equipment lifetime.

A partnership with a competent service provider who knows the plant’s equipment history, performs continuous monitoring of its condition and spare parts management, and takes the corrective action needed before major failures occur brings clear savings to the power plant owner. If issues still do occur, no time is wasted in selecting the service provider – a knowledgeable, specialised technical support and maintenance staff is always available on short notice, so that the time and effort can be focused on fast problem solving.

Fortum’s expertise with a wide range of turbine generators from several different equipment manufacturers gives it the ability to cover the owner’s entire fleet of equipment from various brands. Spot-on support is available on short notice and locally for immediate and unexpected technical issues.

Customer reference

Long-Term Service Agreement with BIR Avfallsenergi AS

The Norwegian BIR Avfallsenergi AS (BIR) signed an eight-year agreement for their rotating equipment with Fortum Turbine and Generator Services in 2018. The contract includes major and minor overhauls and 24-hour support to maximise availability.

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Customer reference

Long-Term Service Agreement with Veolia Kilpilahti

To reach the ambitious target of 100% availability at the new combined heat and power plant in Kilpilahti, Finland, the operator of the plant, Veolia Services Suomi Oy, sought a partner for the lifecycle management of the plant’s gas and steam turbines.

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Always the right fit for your needs

Having a strong service partner gives plant owners an excellent basis for updating their maintenance plans, an understanding about why specific maintenance activities are needed, and clear guidance for planning future investments. This is a powerful tool in bringing turbine generator-related risks to an acceptable level – even if the plant’s own staff would no longer have the needed special competence on high-value and high-risk turbomachinery.

In a long-term service agreement with Fortum, the contract scope and terms are defined jointly with the customer based on the level of support needed. In the simplest form, the contract can be a frame agreement that offers support for unexpected situations and easy ordering of small standard services. An inspection agreement consists of selected inspections, condition monitoring measurements, and analysis services performed according to a predefined schedule. The deepest form of collaboration is a full-scope agreement in which Fortum takes full maintenance responsibility for the turbine island, covering all the necessary maintenance actions for the whole shaft line and secondary equipment.

Watch a video on how a longer term perspective into maintenance planning supports maximisation of availability

A long-term partnership provides

  • Check Continuity - Knowing the maintenance history enables precise maintenance planning and technical support to fit the actual need
  • Check Visibility - Having constant awareness of the state of the equipment means fewer surprises and enables optimised timing for maintenance activities
  • Check Focus - When in need of support, you can focus on actual measures rather than on selecting the service provider
  • Check Agility - Secured local competences in use even 24/7 over the contract period

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