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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions during the application process. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us. A link to the contact form can be found at the bottom of the page. Please note that we do not accept job applications via e-mail.

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How do I find open jobs at Fortum?

You can find our job openings hereUse the filters to narrow down listed search results to a specific country or area of expertise. You can also use open search field.

For open jobs in Estonia, please visit here, please search for “Fortum”.

For open Jobs at our Consumer Solutions business, please click here Consumer Solutions Jobs

Do I need to register to apply?

You can simply apply without registering - even with your LinkedIn profile only.
However, if you would like to make changes to your application prior to the end of application period, you would need to register a candidate account. Through the candidate account it's also possible to follow up the application process.

What information and documents should be included in the application?

Completing job applications can be challenging and time consuming by trying to figure out what information recruiter and hiring manager are looking for?

We understand your struggle and offer you some guidelines when applying:

  • In your CV, clearly state your educational background and experience by indicating why you are the ideal match for the team and this job you are applying for.
  • Please make sure to use a .pdf document. 
  • Do you have specific trainings, certificates, speak additional languages or not yet fulfilling all criteria but are eager to further develop in this role ? Then let us know.
  • Your CV has some gaps - is this a problem? Absolutely not. Just as every person is different, so is your CV. Maybe you have backpacked in New Zealand, worked as a volunteer or spent time with your family. Let us know as all those experiences have built the person you are. 
Can I submit an open application?

We don’t support open applications. If you don’t find a job that catches your attention, then just bookmark our job listing or follow us on LinkedIn. A job for you will come, sooner or later.

In which language should I write my application?

Please apply in the language the job ad is written in. Fortum is an international company and our employees might speak different languages. So there is a reason why a job ad for a position located in Finland or Germany is in English. Simply, the team language might be English.

Can I edit my application after submitting it?

If you created a candidate profile you can log in and update your application within the application period.

Can I send an email application?

To ensure equal treatment and legal compliance in our recruitment process, we do not accept any applications via e-mail.

Do you hire students or recent graduates?

We offer a variety of positions for students to work with us as trainees, thesis workers or interns. We also offer entry level positions once you are ready to graduate. All our open jobs can be found here. To make it even easy easier for you, we have implemented two filters you can use: “Summer Trainee” and “Students”.

You might have already heard about or Summer Energy campaign, right? If you wish to hear more and meet some of our trainees, visit: Opportunities for students.

How can I be sure that my application has been received?

After submitting your application, you will receive an automated email confirmation. You can also log in to your candidate profile and check which jobs you have applied for.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

Our recruiting managers review each job applicant. They will reach out to those who appear to be a potential match with the position to agree about next steps. If you don’t hear from us right away - don’t worry - that might be because at times we are going through a lot of applications.

If your profile and your experiences match with the requirements of this role, we will take next steps with you together. Depending on the process, this might include a short video interview, a telephone call or a personal interview.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond personally to every application that we receive. But we will inform you by email if we don't move forward with your application. 

Good thing is that you can accept to be considered for other positions aswell. In this case, we have your profile in the loop and can call you back, with a job that might be an even better fit for you.

How does Fortum process my personal data?

We delete or de-identify personal data that has been collected as part of the recruitment when it is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected for. If Fortum hires you, your personal data may become part of your employee record.

For more information on how we collect and store data during recruitment process, please see our Privacy notice for Job applicants.


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