Fly ash recycling

Fly ash is a hazardous by-product and the very last remaining waste type originating from the incineration of waste in waste-to-energy plants. At Fortum, we strive to be among the first companies in the world to recover and recycle all valuable raw materials from waste-to-energy fly ashes.

Using the best technology for fly ash recycling

We provide a recycling solution for all types of fly ash using the most suitable method. Depending on the type of fly ash and its hazardousness, we have, in addition to conventional recycling methods, our own innovative, state-of-the-art technology available. Regardless of the selected method, we are working to reduce the CO2 emissions of ash recycling for our customers. 

High-end services for our customers

Our extensive service portfolio covers both a new innovative recycling and conventional ash treatment services. We provide services for ash recycling currently in Nordics and Baltics. Having our roots and expertise in hazardous waste management, there is no fly ash too hazardous for us. Together we’ll find the best way to recycle your ashes and boost your efforts to get towards CO2 neutrality or to achieve even carbon negativity.

Pioneering fly ash recycling process

Fortum’s novel technology in ash refining process provides a step towards a circular economy for household waste. Our ash refining process significantly reduces CO2 emissions as well as the amount of material ending up in landfills compared to traditional cement stabilisation methods.

Fortum’s ash refining process is a pioneering solution in the field of hazardous waste recycling in the Nordics, and it enables the development of raw material recovery and refining the recovered materials for reuse in the near future.

Be part of the circular economy

Currently, our novel ash refining process reduces CO2 emissions remarkably compared to traditional treatment methods. In the near future, we are embarking on the next steps to recover salts, metals and minerals from fly ash. Our ultimate target is to utilise all the materials which are fed into recycling process.


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Customer case

Refining of ash accelerates climate goal achievement

Fortum and circular economy company Westenergy are developing waste-to-energy solutions to be even better for the environment. Fortum's new ash refining method significantly reduces the carbon dioxide emissions from Westenergy’s operations.

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