Fortum’s Nuclear Generation Safety and quality policy

Fortum’s Nuclear Generation – Safety and quality policy

Fortum Group operations are guided by the mission, strategy and values and by the policies and Code of Conduct created on the basis of them. Additionally, nuclear power operations are governed by safety and quality requirements imposed by legislation and decisions by authorities. Fortum’s management recognises the special characteristics of nuclear power, and hereby presents the goals and operating principles we commit to in all our nuclear power-related activities.

Nuclear plays a core part in Fortum’s strategy. Safety is a prerequisite for all our nuclear operations. Our task is to produce electricity safely, reliably and competitively, in the short term and long term, while complying with the principles of nuclear and radiation safety, waste management control and nuclear security.

Our operations are based on a high-level safety culture and quality and on continuous improvement. We don’t give room for complacency, but set ambitious, sustainable goals.

Our own world-class expertise is a prerequisite for safety and competitiveness. Nuclear Services business is built upon this strong competence base, and our customers are in the centre of the solutions we provide.


All personnel in our nuclear organisations have the right and the obligation to develop and maintain safe operations.
  • We expect from ourselves, and from everyone involved in our operations, the values and attitudes that advance nuclear safety and quality. We work responsibly, we commit to the agreed ways of operating and targets, we understand the safety significance of our operations, and we make safety a priority throughout our operations.
  • We develop our operations systematically and in an economically sustainable manner towards the best practices in safety, quality management, personnel well-being, environment, IT security, and security. We plan, assess and approve changes prior to implementing them in a controlled manner. We present detailed and function-specific operating principles and procedures in our management system.
  • We encourage each other to engage in active and continuous learning. We learn from mistakes and draw on experiences from within and outside our own sector. We anticipate future challenges by responding to findings and key indicators and to general changes in the sector. We ensure world-class know-how by actively participating in nuclear research and development.
  • We foster an open atmosphere and communicate about our operations to personnel and other stakeholders.
  • By operating in this way, we advance nuclear power’s good public image and social acceptance.

We commit to these goals and operating principles and to ensuring the prerequisites for their realisation.


Petra Lundström
Nuclear Generation
Sasu Valkamo
Loviisa NPP

Anni Jaarinen

Nuclear Services

Magnus Forsström

Engineering & Projects

Laurent Leveugle
New Nuclear
Jukka Päivärinta
Nuclear Oversight and Advisory Group

Matti Kattainen

CNO Office

Janne Mokka

Co-owned Nuclear

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