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Nuclear Services

Fortum has more than 40 years of experience in designing, licensing and operating nuclear facilities and supplying related services and technologies. Our expertise covers the whole life-cycle of nuclear power plants from new builds to decommissioning and final disposal of nuclear waste.

Support for Nuclear Newbuild projects

Fortum offers technical support and consulting services which allow our Customers to have the know-how of an experienced Owner-Operator.

Support for nuclear I&C projects

Smoothly implemented nuclear I&C modernizations and I&C design in newbuild projects.

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Our products also include services for control room design and more.

Decommissioning Planning and Implementation

Advanced decommissioning concepts to realize your potential for cost savings.


Customizable solutions for the purification of radioactive waste liquids through the use of highly selective ion exchange materials.

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Our product line also includes treatment solutions for boron, LILW repository design, intermediate storage design for spent fuel and more.


Comprehensive and accurate advanced process simulator software.

Safety Analysis

Safety analysis services for power upgrades, modernizations, safety improvements and new plant projects.

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Our full product line also includes engineering, development, I&C testing, full scope training and VR simulators, Virtual Panels etc.


Optimize your maintenance processes by refocusing resources on critical systems, structures and components.

360° videos

Enhance understanding, collaboration and efficiency among NPP personnel.

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See the full breadth of the ways we can support you in improving your O&M and training processes.

Worldwide access to nuclear excellence


Years of experience in designing, licensing and operation of NPPs


Experts working with nuclear


Countries where our expertise has been utilised

Customer's perspective

As an owner and operator of nuclear facilities, we have the ability to look at the needs and solutions from the customer’s perspective. This saves our customers’ time and money as well as guarantees the high quality of the solutions delivered. Through our long-standing experience and performance track record, Fortum Nuclear Services has become known as a trustworthy and highly valued service provider and partner.

Unique customer value by innovations

We have a strong track record in nuclear innovation. Our proprietary technologies like NURES® for nuclide removal, Apros® for dynamic process simulation, ADLAS® for licensing and ReMaint® for maintenance optimisation, enable us to deliver unique customer value and benefits. Supported by the extensive network of our highly skilled partners, we can deliver our services around the world.

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