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How Adlas® is used to speed up the licensing process
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Services for Nuclear Newbuild

As a licensee and operator of nuclear power plants and waste management facilities, we know how challenging nuclear newbuild projects can be. Our newbuild customers have utilised our expertise and proprietary technologies to manage their projects and to reduce risks of project delays.

Nuclear Newbuild expertise

Nuclear Newbuild

Support for Nuclear Newbuild Projects

Decades of nuclear experience for supporting nuclear newbuild projects and newcomer countries throughout all phases of the project. Fortum offers technical support and consulting services which allow our Customers to have the know-how of an experienced Owner-Operator.

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Nuclear Newbuild

Consultation Services for SMRs

Our expertise can ease your first steps into a SMR newbuild or help you better understand the markets and technology.

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Operating Nuclear Power Plants

Training Services

Human capacity building and knowledge management is perhaps the most important topic for safe and reliable use of nuclear power. Fortum provides training services to build local knowhow for licensing and operating the nuclear power plant.

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Nuclear Newbuild products


ADLAS® – Licencing and Safety Design

Fortum ADLAS® is a proven and efficient Systems Engineering approach to formulate Nuclear Plant requirements and a systematic configuration management method.

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Apros® – Advanced Process Simulation Software

Apros® Nuclear is a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plants.

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New nuclear project can be very challenging especially for the countries with no previous experience about nuclear power production. Establishment of needed management structures for owner/operator can be laborsome and time demanding. During the last decades Fortum has participated in several international new build projects as a technical evaluator supporting the owner with evaluations of different plant technologies. As a license holder of nuclear NPP Fortum possesses valuable insight to the nuclear power production and has a detailed understanding about nuclear technology from the operational point of view. Fortum’s experience serves the best when applied at the early stage of the new build project when big technical selection are made. Our engineering capability areas for nuclear newbuild projects include different disciplines such as safety engineering and analysis, architect & civil engineering, process modelling and simulation and nuclear waste management.

Our services include for example:

  • Process and mechanical engineering
  • Materials, structures, quality
  • Instrumentation and control, electric systems
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Nuclear waste management

Contact info

Jani Ikonen

Senior Manager
Newbuild and Operating Services
Tel: +358 40 357 2467
jani [dot] ikonen [at] fortum [dot] com

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