Environmental impacts of nuclear power

The main environmental impact of nuclear power is related to building the plant, fuel procurement and the thermal load of cooling water discharged into the sea during operation. Of these three things, the most significant environmental concern is the thermal load on the sea caused by the cooling water.

Environmental impacts of nuclear power
Loviisa NPP by the sea
Energy production
Low environmental impact

Most significant environmental impact is the thermal load caused by the cooling water.

Nuclear power
Stable and reliable electricity generation

Efficient way to generate electricity with low environmental impact.

Low emissions
Clean electricity for a growing need

The greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to those of wind, hydro and solar power.

Nuclear power and the environment

Overall, nuclear power is an effective way to produce electricity with minimal effect on the environment, and one of the advantages of nuclear power plants is that they can produce a lot of electricity and steadily around the clock. When reviewing the entire production lifecycle, the climate impact of nuclear power is similar to that of wind, solar or hydropower.

Environmental impacts – Loviisa nuclear power plant

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Nuclear power

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