A new collection using Bio2™Textile fibre showcases more sustainable textile dyeing

Ekroth autumn collection

Photo courtesy of Visual Tales


After premiering earlier this year, Bio2™Textile, the straw-based textile fibre developed by Fortum Bio2X, will be demonstrated again in the new collection by Rolf Ekroth, an award-winning Finnish designer. The fashion collection will be presented during 30 June - 2 July in Pitti Uomo 100, one of the most significant fashion weeks for men. Bio2™Textile is one of the key elements in Ekroth’s collection.

For the SS22 collection, Rolf Ekroth was inspired by Juhannus, the Finnish Midsummer and the traditions and magic surrounding it. He also continues to study Nordic farming culture and the iconic photographer, Leo Montonen, who’s images of the Finnish countryside during the 1920’s and 1930’s will be a prominent feature in the upcoming video for the new collection, launched at Pitti Uomo 100.

”Finland ́s nature and countryside are full of magic during midsummer. Finnish pagan beliefs were strongly related to nature and farming, there were simple and practical solutions for everything. I believe that many of the answers for our current problems are right in front of our eyes, in the nature that surrounds us”, says Ekroth. “Bio2™Textile is very easy to dye and it needs less chemicals and water in the dyeing process than normal viscose and cotton fabrics.“

Finland is a forerunner for many new materials and is home to several fibre innovations that help the global textile industry become more sustainable. With the Bio2X project, Fortum aims to use agricultural residues to develop high-value and material-efficient products that can replace fossil and otherwise environmentally harmful raw materials.


More information:
Heli Antila, Vice President Biobased Solutions, Fortum Bio2X, heli [dot] antila [at] fortum [dot] com

Rolf Ekroth
Rolf Ekroth, who studied social work and became a professional poker player before finding an interest in fashion in his late 20s, was one of the finalists at Hyeres Festival in 2016. Prior to this, he won the 2015 Designer’s Nest Award, which showcases and supports innovative Nordic fashion graduates. Ekroth started his own label in 2019.

The raw material used in Bio2™Textile is straw - an agro-residue that is typically discarded or even burned. Replacing fossil-based raw materials with this residue reduces land degradation and deforestation. Bio2™ applies a unique Chempolis technology that achieves material efficiency of up to 90%, minimizing the amount of waste and the environmental impact from CO² emissions, water consumption and use of chemicals.

The production and use of conventional textile fibres, such as polyester and cotton, is unsustainable in terms of water and chemical use, as well as emissions. Bio2™Textile fiber combines agro-residue-based raw material with environmentally friendly fiber technology and offers a sustainable, high quality, renewable and recyclable textile fiber that has never been seen before. The fiber for this collection is created using Infinited Fiber Company’s technology.