District heating

We provide district heating in a number of cities in the Nordic countries and Baltic countries, Poland and Russia.

District heating gives you more comfort for living. District heating is a reliable and environmentally benign way to heat homes and premises in densely-built areas.

We produce district heating mainly in combined heat and power (CHP) plants, in which heat and electricity is produced in the same process. This way nearly 90 % of the energy contained in the fuel is utilized. In co-generation, environmental emissions remain 30 % lower than when electricity and heat are generated separately.

Fortum has several new CHP projects ongoing. Our long-term investment programme is concentrating on new CHP to replace old heat-only production and to increase electricity generation. We utilize various fuels and develop continuously the usage of renewable fuels in our heat production.

We provide district heating in a number of cities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and in Russia.