Working at Fortum

At Fortum we are committed to driving the change towards a cleaner world. Our employees play an important role in this transformation by working with customers, products and services at the front line of technology. Currently, we are around 9000 Fortumers working in multiple countries. Many of our positions and teams are international and we have daily contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers across the world.

Working at Fortum

We believe in the power of the group

Our values – curiosity, responsibility, integrity and respect – form the foundation for all of our actions.  Our leadership principles are based on open leadership and believing in our people. This means that Fortum is a workplace that offers great challenges and responsibilities based on a high level of trust. As an employee you will be coached and encouraged to find your own solutions and to challenge existing working methods. The team spirit is strong and we appreciate people who enjoy working together to reach a common goal. Celebrating successes, both big and small, is part of our culture.

We regularly measure our employee satisfaction and engagement towards our business activities, common targets, customers and leadership. The latest results from 2016 revealed that Fortumers are in a good state of well-being, while their work ability is strong and they feel that they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We put our people first

At Fortum, employee safety and well-being come first – it is the only way to be able to succeed in our business operations. We ensure safety in all our work environments. We believe that healthy and satisfied employees perform better and contribute to a creative and efficient working climate. We also believe it is important for all of our employees to maintain a good work-life balance. We therefore take an active role in helping our employees complete their life puzzle by offering value-adding extras.

For instance, we have launched a well-being program titled Energize your day which aims at inspiring, activating and supporting our employees in taking care of themselves both at work and during their free time. The program offers ideas and tools for self-management, stress management, recovery, nutrition and physical activity. Our employees benefit from well-being services such as lectures, coaching clinics and other energizing activities we come up with.

We act responsibly

We are contributing to a positive development in society, in both small and big ways. We act as the trustworthy, helpful neighbour and work closely with local communities. We also expect responsible operations from our business partners. As a Fortum employee, you can feel proud of the fact that we are working with deserving organisations and projects dedicated to making the world a better place.