Suppliers are important part of our successful business

Our procurement target is to enable strong business performance, sustainable purchasing processes and to secure the availability of right materials and services considering the needs and requirements of our businesses. We aim for open and effective collaboration with our suppliers and seek for new suppliers globally to strengthen our network and to create value for both parties.

For Suppliers
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Supplier network

Our purchasing volume is approximately 2-3 billion euros depending on the yearly investment volume. We have over 15 000 suppliers in our supply chain network covering our main locations in Nordics, Russia, Baltics, Poland and India. We evaluate the performance of our suppliers and engage our suppliers and businesses in collaboration from individual project execution to continuous portfolio development and R&D.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our suppliers to act responsibly and to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.


Contractor Safety

Our goal is to be a safe workplace. Everyone working for us is expected to know safety requirements applicable to their work and to adhere to them at all times.

Our General Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions between us and our suppliers are agreed in written contracts. Order number must be referred in all invoices.

Invoice us

We are requiring primarily electronic invoices ("e-invoices") from our suppliers.

Become our supplier

If you are interested to become our supplier, please read more about our eSourcing procedures.


Please send non-urgent inquiries via e-mail to our procurement.