Fortum is the 3rd largest power generator in the Nordic countries, and one of the lowest-emitting power producers in Europe. We are among the leading heat producers globally.

​Changing markets

In the coming years, far-reaching decisions must be made in our main markets to mitigate climate change, to develop the energy markets, and to find a sustainable operating model for the pan-European market. Fortum’s strong position enables us to actively participate in restructuring the markets and developing new operating models.

We are very competitive, whether measured by CO2-free production volume, competences in our strategic focus areas, production mix, capacity flexibility, financial position, cost structure, sustainability or occupational safety.

We have a clear vision of how Fortum must be developed in order to create added value for our stakeholders, particularly for our shareholders, both in the short term and the long term. We want to actively participate in energy sector development and restructuring.

Market areas and energy production

Fortum generates electricity and heat in an environmentally benign manner using different energy sources. The company has energy production in the Nordic countries Russia, Poland, the Baltic countries and Great Britain. Fortum’s investment programme covers nuclear and hydropower refurbishments and new combined heat and power (CHP) plants. In many of our research and development projects we are also exploring the potential of new forms of renewable energy production, supporting our vision of the future energy system - Solar Economy.


Electricity market prices