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09.41 EEST

A predictable investment environment enables the energy transition

Fortum fact sheet about the Dutch law prohibiting the use of coal in energy production and the international Energy Charter Treaty.


14.33 EET

Reducing nitrogen oxides makes the air cleaner to breathe

The focus in solving the current climate crisis is on reducing CO2 emission levels and moving towards a low-carbon economy – and fast. Yet, at the same time, we need to continue controlling the discharge of other harmful emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, into the environment, as they have serious environmental and health impacts.


18.35 EET

Fortum supports its customers in reducing their carbon footprint in Russia

The company expands cooperation in green energy supply with major Russian and international brands.


11.13 EET

Germany’s energy transition will impact all of Europe – but how will it be done?

First, shut down nuclear power and heavily subsidise renewable energy, then decide on the phase out the use of coal, and now launch national emissions trading and implement a hydrogen strategy. Germany’s energy transition is a long, meandering and educational saga.


13.27 EEST

Vinterviken: Looking after Alfred Nobel’s legacy

How Fortum Recycling and Waste played a key role in removing contaminated soil from and restoring one of Stockholm’s most iconic and historic green spaces.


12.13 EEST

VOI and Fortum in partnership to improve micro mobility sustainability

With the partnership with Fortum, the aim for VOI is to further increase the sustainability of their operations and create more circular material streams. As part of the partnership, VOI will also power their scooters in the Nordics with 100% fossil free hydro power.


13.40 EET

Life in the technology hub of the world – My time at Valo Ventures in Silicon Valley

Depending on who you ask, Silicon Valley is where you either make or break your business idea. To me, it offered a unique opportunity to learn about the world’s largest startup scene and bring some of the most recent know-how from the US back to Finland.


09.17 EET

Rwanda turns a new leaf in its energy strategy with services from Fortum eNext

In recent years, Rwanda has been one of the fastest growing economies in the East African Community, recognised by the World Economic Forum. It is also among the most stable countries in Central Africa. Along with growth comes the need for more energy, amongst other things.


14.14 EET

Ready to run one of the world’s most efficient biomass-fired power plants

By operating one of the world’s largest and most efficient biomass-fired power plants, in England, Fortum eNext is not only implementing Fortum's strategy but is also taking the UK a step closer to its goal of obtaining 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.