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Date Time Topic
30.8.2021 10.26 EEST Fortum responsible for hydrogen study in SSAB’s Towards Fossil-free Steel project
16.4.2021 09.41 EEST A predictable investment environment enables the energy transition
3.2.2021 14.33 EET Reducing nitrogen oxides makes the air cleaner to breathe
16.12.2020 18.35 EET Fortum supports its customers in reducing their carbon footprint in Russia
11.12.2020 11.13 EET Germany’s energy transition will impact all of Europe – but how will it be done?
26.11.2020 10.25 EET eFleetly battery fleet management solution helps forklift manufactures to maximize battery lifetime
24.9.2020 13.43 EEST The EU and the climate need nuclear power
7.9.2020 13.49 EEST Fortum Energy Review webinar on 17 Sep 2020: Decarbonisation of the Nordics
3.7.2020 13.27 EEST Vinterviken: Looking after Alfred Nobel’s legacy
3.7.2020 12.13 EEST VOI and Fortum in partnership to improve micro mobility sustainability
3.6.2020 13.16 EEST Siemens carried out first remote start-up and adjustment work in Russia at Nyagan GRES
2.12.2019 16.18 EET All Inkoo coal-fired power plant boiler buildings have been demolished and 92% of the materials have been recycled
19.11.2019 13.40 EET Life in the technology hub of the world – My time at Valo Ventures in Silicon Valley
7.2.2019 09.00 EET The River Clean-Up – contributing locally to cleaner rivers
28.1.2019 09.17 EET Rwanda turns a new leaf in its energy strategy with services from Fortum eNext
3.1.2019 14.14 EET Ready to run one of the world’s most efficient biomass-fired power plants
10.12.2018 14.02 EET Fortum actively involved in COP24 in Katowice
25.11.2018 12.18 EET Fortum commits to produce carbon-neutral district heating in Espoo in the 2020s
20.11.2018 13.15 EET A full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project initiated in Norway
12.11.2018 15.04 EET Fortum’s response to environmental organisations’ plea to discontinue the use of coal
25.9.2018 21.26 EEST Clean future for heating and cooling
30.8.2018 09.57 EEST The wind farm in Sortland, Norway, provides local revenue
12.7.2018 10.42 EEST Clean energy and responsible nuclear waste management spanning 40+ years
10.7.2018 10.14 EEST Environmental work is part of responsible hydropower production
28.6.2018 09.26 EEST Hydropower and migratory fish – Actions today