Fortum in Finland

Fortum is a leading energy company in Finland.

Hydro Power plant Imatra

As a leading energy company in Finland, we focus on the production of electricity, district heating and cooling, electricity sales and smart solutions for the future. Energy companies and energy-intensive industries turn to us for our energy production-related expert services as well.

In Finland, all our electricity contracts for consumers are CO2 free energy. Fortum also produces district heating and cooling and sells it to industrial customers and households. Fortum has in total 33 owned or co-owned hydropower plants. Fortum owns one 992 MW nuclear power plant in Loviisa and is a co-owner in Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. In addition to hydropower and nuclear power, Fortum has in Finland a combined heat and power production (CHP) plant in Espoo, and a co-owned CHP plant in Naantali. The company is also developing new sources of heat production methods like open district heating, where customer-produced heat is used in district heating (e.g. data centers, hospitals, laundry operations).

Fortum's waste solutions offer sustainable turnkey solutions of the highest quality to treat hazardous waste and ensure safe final disposal. We offer our customers also conventional waste recycling, such as for metal, biological, paper, cardboard and paperboard waste. Our aim is to turn waste into new raw material whenever possible and keep it in circulation and utilized again and again.

Fortum Charge & Drive is developing electric transportation in Finland. Fortum Charge & Drive offers customers and operators a cloud-based service for quick and convenient EV charging. 

Fortum’s headquarters is located in Espoo, Finland.

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