Fortum in Sweden

Fortum entered the Swedish market in 1996 in conjunction with the energy market reforms. Today Fortum is one of the major energy companies on the Swedish market with strong presence in carbon dioxide free power generation, electricity sales and waste & recycling.

Krångede hydro power plant

Power generation

With some 130 hydro power plants in Sweden Fortum is not only one of the largest operators, it also gives us the opportunity to make our hydro contribute to a cleaner world. Even with some power plants a hundred years old, hydro power's contribution to the emerging fully renewable energy system is crucial. In order to balance its energy contribution to the system, the local environmental effects and the global environmental benefits, Fortum takes perspective based on the whole river system rather than individual plants.

Fortum is co-owner of the Swedish nuclear power plants Oskarshamn and Forsmark.

Fortum has a minority ownership in its Nordic wind power portfolio serving as long-term asset manager. In Sweden the portfolio consists of wind power park Solberg.

Electricity sales

Fortum is the largest electricity retail company in Sweden with 40 percent of our 2.4 million Nordic customers. 

Circular Economy services

In 2016 Fortum acquired Ekokem, now Fortum Recycling & Waste Solutions. The facility situated in Sweden specializes in handling toxic waste. We also collaborates with several municipalities in waste treatment and circular economy solutions.

Energy production

Our power plants

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