Częstochowa CHP plant

In 2010, one of Europe's most modern combined heat and power plants was opened in Czestochowa, Poland. The new facility stands on the site of an old heat plant that used to be one of several plants heating Czestochowa.

Czestochowa CHP plant

Modern and effective power plant

Czestochowa’s CHP is one of the most modern and effective in Poland, and it meets Fortum’s high standards for safety, efficiency, and low emissions. The production capacity is 129.1 MW of heat and 68.4 MW of electricity, and the plant utilizes up to 35 % biomass in its production. This is a big step towards cleaner energy in the region and the country. The plant also uses coal as a source of an energy.

CHP is the main source of heat in the city of Czestochowa, which means that the city benefits from a more efficient way of producing district heating than it previously had. For the inhabitants this means cleaner air with less emission and a more reliable supply of heat. The use of biomass is not only reducing the emissions of fossil CO2, but also provides new opportunities for the region in the production of biofuel.