Loviisa nuclear power plant

Loviisa power plant has two VVER pressurised water reactors, Loviisa 1 and Loviisa 2, both with capacity of 507 MW net. Loviisa 1 was commissioned in 1977 and Loviisa 2 in 1980. The operating licence for Loviisa 1 is valid until 2027 and Loviisa 2 until 2030. In 2018, Loviisa power plant generated 7.8 TWh power, which contributes about 10 per cent of the electricity production in Finland. The power plant permanently employs approximately 500 employees and 100 external employees. Additionally, annual outages, modernisation works employ some 700 - 1300 external employees annually.
Nuclear power has a central role in Fortum's CO2-free electricity production. Nuclear is needed to enable transition to solar economy.

Loviisa NPP in 2018

7.8 TWh

Loviisa NPP production in 2018


Share of Finland's electricity production


The power plant continuously employs

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