Wind power – Our wind farms

Fortum is producing and constructing wind power in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. We are also expanding our wind power capacity: when looking towards the future, we currently have more than 1,800 MWs of wind farms at various stages of development.


We operate three wind farms in northern Norway.



Nygårdsfjellet is currently the oldest wind farm in our portfolio.

Capacity (MW): 32
Commercial operation: 2006

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Construction of Ånstadblåheia wind park


Fortum was in charge of the development and construction of the Ånstadblåheia wind power park. We operate the wind farm and work in close cooperation with our neighbours in the area.

Capacity (MW): 50
Commercial operation: 2018

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Sørfjord is the second wind farm in Norway where Fortum handled all the steps from development to construction. This remote wind farm is a logistical miracle, accessed via serpentine roads.

Capacity (MW): 97
Commercial operation: 2020

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In Sweden, we have a history of owning multiple wind farms. Currently, we operate the Solberg wind farm, and we are planning to develop more wind power.



Solberg, an arctic wind farm, is an example of wind power production in wintery conditions.

Capacity (MW): 75
Commercial operation: 2017

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Finland has excellent conditions for onshore wind power. The production is profitable without any state subsidies. Therefore, Fortum has multiple development projects in the works for new wind power throughout Finland, but in particular on the west coast.



Kalax is Fortum’s first large-scale wind farm in Finland.

Capacity (MW): 90
Commercial operation: 2020

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Along with its partners, Fortum is the largest producer of wind power in Russia.

On 3 March 2022, due to Russia's attack on Ukraine, our CEO announced that Fortum Group has stopped all new investment projects in Russia until further notice.
Read CEO Markus Rauramo's statement.


Ulyanovsk 1

Ulyanovsk wind farm 1 became the first industrial-scale wind generation facility in Russia to start operating on the wholesale electricity and capacity market.

Capacity (MW): 35
Commercial operation: 2018

Ulyanovsk windfarm in sunset

Ulyanovsk 2

Ulyanovsk 2 was the first wind farm to have major equipment manufactured in Russia: the design uses wind turbine gondolas, created at the Vestas plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Capacity (MW): 50
Commercial operation: 2019


Rostov region wind farms

There are four wind farms in the Rostov region: Sulinskaya, Kamenskaya, Gukovskaya and Kazachya.

Capacity (MW): 350
Commercial operation: 2020



Salynskaya and Tselinskaya wind farms are located in the Kalmykia region.

Capacity (MW): 200
Commercial operation: 2020

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