Occupational safety

Working at the power plant requires an industrial safety card

Working at the Loviisa power plant requires at least the minimum competence approved in Finnish industry in terms of occupational safety, which consists of the person's vocational training, familiarization with their own work tasks given by their employer, work experience and, in addition to these, occupational safety training approved at the Loviisa power plant.

Loviisa power plant familiarizes the people working at the plant with the special features of the power plant with general employee training and so-called occupational group-specific orientation.

Here is a list of Finnish and international occupational safety trainings approved at the Loviisa power plant. In addition to these, individual company-specific trainings have been approved.

The Centre for Occupational Safety's Työturvallisuuskortti® can be accepted directly at the reception office. All other trainings are approved separately in the power plant's Nuclear Security & Risk Management unit.

Approved occupational safety trainings

Required protective equipment at the Loviisa power plant

The Loviisa power plant's minimum protective equipment and related standards are shown in the picture

  • The helmet must protect against the risk of electric shock (electrically insulated (EBT at least 440 V)) and molten metal splashes (MM).
  • The helmet must have a chin strap. A visor attached to a helmet is accepted as basic eye protection.
  • The protective clothing must be made of non-flammable material (minimum A1,B1,C1) and attention-grabbing EN ISO 2047, min. class 2
  • Safety footwear minimum class S1P or S3
  • Protective gloves according to the risks of the work

Inspections of work tools

Loviisa power plant requires that the work tools used by the contractors on the joint site have been inspected in accordance with the Government Decree on the safe use and inspection of work tools (403/2008). The inspection must be verifiable from the marking on the work tool and the related documentation.

The marking colors used at the Loviisa power plant change annually as shown in the picture.

The use of some work equipment or work requires a written permission from your employer (e.g. forklift, personal lifts, load securing, use of a link crane) inspections.

Use of work-related chemicals

Only approved chemicals with TLTA sticker may be used on the site (TLTA = Needs Management and Classification Process).

Contractors must not bring their own substances to the plant area.

It is also necessary to remove stickers, tapes and grinding/cutting discs from tool packs, which can cause residues in the process systems of the power plant.

Unapproved chemicals can cause corrosion or become activated and increase radiation levels in the primary circuit.

Jobs that require qualifications

The power plant has jobs that require a qualification issued by the Loviisa power plant. The qualification is obtained by successfully completing the training and the related exam.

An example of such a qualification is a tank work qualification. Tank work training and the related exam can be completed as online training.

Use of cranes also requires induction training at the power plant.

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