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Fortum best Finnish listed company in European gender equality study ranking 22nd

20 January 2022, 10:31 EET

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Fortum was ranked 22nd in the European EWoB Gender Diversity Index 2021. The study examined how gender diversity is realised in the boards and key management of European companies. The study included 668 European listed companies.  

“Valuing talent from diverse backgrounds, rewarding performance, and providing equal opportunities for advancement are key principles for us at Fortum. I believe that we are more competitive and can better meet the expectations of our customers and society when there is diversity also in our management. This is not a given in the traditionally male-dominated energy sector, and, in fact, our goal is to build a corporate culture in which our employees from different backgrounds can thrive, develop, and perform their best,” says Fortum’s President and CEO Markus Rauramo

Fortum ranked the best of the Finnish companies included in the study. Fortum also had the biggest improvement in gender diversity in top management positions among the Finnish companies included in the study. Currently, females account for 44% of all top management positions at Fortum, 57% of the Fortum’s Board members, and 33% of Executive Management.   

“I am really proud of Fortum’s ranking at the European and the Finnish levels. We want to continue our Group-wide work to create a corporate culture where the different backgrounds of our people are valued, where every individual is treated equally, and where everyone is offered equal opportunities in recruiting, remuneration, and career development. By investing in a diverse work community, we also ensure diversity in our views, ideas, and innovations. This is also how we can best respond to the transformation of the industry,” says Eveliina Dahl, Senior Vice President, People.  

Fortum and Uniper are both participants in the Equal by 30 campaign, a global effort to achieve gender parity in the energy sector by 2030. Additionally, Fortum participates in the Female Leader Engineer (FLE) programme in Sweden, which aims to strengthen the position of women in the corporate world and particularly in engineer-intensive sectors where men are in the clear majority. 

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