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13.7.2022 15.10 EEST Significant next step in developing sustainable methanol for chemical industry
1.7.2022 10.00 EEST Fortum Uniper Nuclear Services signs framework agreement with Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning
5.5.2022 14.02 EEST Fortum subsidiary Uniper to build Germany’s first LNG terminal – aim is to diversify natural gas supply sources
29.4.2022 13.47 EEST STUK decision on the Loviisa nuclear power plant’s periodic safety review
16.3.2022 13.45 EET Fortum has won the right to build 200 MW solar capacity in India
24.2.2022 15.35 EET Fortum’s statement on our businesses in Russia
17.2.2022 08.00 EET Standing up for plastic: Self-rising chair foretells a rise in the use of recycled plastic
4.2.2022 15.11 EET Fortum has won the right to build 600 MW solar capacity in India
1.2.2022 09.00 EET Fortum and Uniper launch joint team for Nordic hydropower and physical trading optimisation
27.1.2022 17.30 EET Swedish Government gives green light to move forward with the nuclear fuel repository
26.1.2022 11.00 EET Sasu Valkamo appointed Vice President of Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant
20.1.2022 10.31 EET Fortum best Finnish listed company in European gender equality study ranking 22nd
19.1.2022 16.52 EET Fortum and Danish Fjernvarme Fyn launch feasibility study on CO₂ capture for recycling
18.1.2022 15.00 EET Fortum and Telia agree on new data center connection to the electricity market
14.1.2022 14.30 EET Fortum Loviisa nuclear power plant’s EIA procedure receives Ministry’s informed conclusion
4.1.2022 14.25 EET Excellent production year 2021 at Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant
22.12.2021 12.00 EET STUK decision on the periodic safety assessment of the final disposal facility of Loviisa nuclear power plant’s low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste
17.12.2021 10.45 EET Fortum receives funding from Business Finland for lithium recovery at the Harjavalta battery material recycling facility
2.12.2021 14.00 EET European SMR technology and licensing development moves forward
1.12.2021 13.45 EET Fortum’s wind and solar capacity in Russia now exceeds 1 GW

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