Origin of electricity in Finland

Mandated by European legis­lation, Guarantees of Origin (GoO) is a tracking system that ensures trans­parency and provides customers with valuable infor­mation about the origin of their renewable energy. The total breakdown of the origin of electricity sold by Fortum Heat and Power Oy in Finland during the previous calendar year (2022) and the total breakdown of the origin of electricity purchased by our customers under their electricity sales contracts are commu­ni­cated below.

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Guarantees of Origin

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Residual Mix in Finland

The residual mix accounts for the electricity volume that has been consumed in Finland during a year deducted with the volumes of guarantees of origin issued for same period, the average specific carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of nuclear fuel used from electricity production according to the residual mix.

Unless the origin is verified and agreed between Fortum Power and Heat Oy and its customers (and such verification is done outside of this notification by the Guarantees of Origin), the residual mix in Finland is sold under the agreements. In 2022, the residual mix of sold electricity in Finland was as following:

  • 11,68% renewable energy
  • 18,20% nuclear power
  • 70,12% fossil production

The average specific carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity production from the residual mix was ​​471,27 g/kWh, and the amount of spent nuclear fuel in the residual mix was ​​0,60 mg/kWh.

The amounts are based on the calculations by Energiavirasto (energiavirasto.fi).

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