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Imperative in combating climate change

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Nuclear waste management

We have developed innovative solutions for radioactive liquid purification, waste solidification, interim storage of used fuel and final disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste.

Hazardous waste treatment

We offer sustainable turnkey solutions of the highest quality for the treatment of your hazardous waste while producing clean energy and by ensuring a safe final disposal.

Recycled Plastics - Fortum Circo®

Fortum Circo® is a plastic recyclate produced from post-consumer plastic waste. With consistent and high quality, versatility and solid availability, Fortum Circo recycled plastic can be used in a wide variety of products – from household appliances to industrial and commercial films and blow-moulded articles.

O&M for nuclear power plants

We deliver the most advanced and proven O&M technologies and expertise to achieve next level in NPP performance.

Upgrades & refurbishment for nuclear power plants

We help customers to succeed in major retrofits as well as in optimizing the long-term programs for NPP changes. 

O&M for thermal power plants

We provide full-scope operation and maintenance solutions to run your power plant in a sustainable, safe and most economical manner. 

Demolition and renovation demolition

We handle large-scale total demolition or renovation demolition projects, industrial demolition and harmful substance removal with professionalism.

Decommissioning planning for nuclear power plants

Fortum’s approach to decommissioning planning considers nuclear waste disposal and treatment solutions already in the beginning of the NPP operation.

Living in an energy smart way

Fortum SmartLiving makes homes more comfortable, safer and helps to save money and to live in more sustainable way.

Solar solutions

Interested in producing your own solar energy? We offer different kind of solutions for our business customers. 

Joining the change towards a cleaner world

Fortum battery solutions prolong life of batteries

Battery Solutions

Fortum Battery Solutions extend the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries

Our low-CO2 solution makes over 80% of the battery recyclable and returns the scarce metals used back into circulation.

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