End of life services for lithium-ion batteries

When a lithium-ion battery reaches the end of its life, it requires expert handling that meets the safety requirements set by law. As a hazardous waste expert, we provide companies with a safe, easy and cost-effective service for transporting, handling, storing and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

What can we offer?


We are experts in handling hazardous substances. We transport, handle, and recycle used and damaged batteries safely and in accordance with local regulations.


We guide in assessing the condition and packaging of the battery if needed. We also provide the equipment for transporting and storing the batteries, as well as take care of the necessary documents.


With our whole process inhouse from collection to recycling, we can ensure that batteries are treated and recycled in a responsible and sustainable way and that valuable raw materials end up in the production of new batteries.

We collect and receive used and damaged lithium-ion batteries from companies, ranging from EV batteries to lithium batteries used in industrial applications. If the condition of the battery is a concern, we will guide you in assessing the condition and packing the battery for transport. We collect the batteries according to the agreement and also provide the packaging for transport as well as the equipment for storing the batteries if needed.

We recycle lithium batteries at our recycling plants in Finland. Our efficient and low-carbon recycling process ensures that the valuable raw materials contained in the batteries end up being recovered and used as recycled raw material for new batteries.

Safe solutions for transport and storage

Lithium-ion batteries that have reached the end of their life are classified as hazardous waste. Used batteries must be packed separately from other materials. In particular, severely damaged batteries require special expertise in handling, as they can be extremely flammable. We guide our customers through the whole process to ensure that all the relevant rules and regulations are applied.

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Commercial Director, Battery Sales
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When the battery has done it's share, it's time for dismantling and setting the materials for recycling

Recycling of lithium-ion battery materials

In many processes, plastics and other components are incinerated, but our concept is to follow a circular economy philosophy, whereby the entire battery is recycled. Residual power can be transferred to the grid before the batteries are dismantled safely. The various metal and mineral components are extracted using unique specially devised techniques and that is what makes our solution unique.

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