Recycling solutions for battery manufacturers

We provide a unique service offering for battery manufactures across the battery production value chain. Our services include sustainable recycling of battery production scrap as well as hazardous waste management of challenging waste streams.

Lithium-ion battery
Effective battery material recycling

Effective battery material recycling

We combine low CO2 mechanical and hydrometallurgical processes to ensure effective and sustainable recycling for battery production scrap.

Hazardous waste barrel and label

Expertise in hazardous waste treatment

We have over 50 years of experience in hazardous waste management. We help battery manufactures to dispose challenging waste streams such as solvents, slurries and liquids in safe and environmentally sound way.

Sustainable recycled battery raw materials

Sustainable recycled raw materials

We recover the valuable battery metals in our hydrometallurgical process and produce sustainable recycled raw materials: nickel, cobalt and manganese sulfates and lithium hydroxide for reuse.