District heating warms your home reliably

District heating is a convenient and reliable form of heating. We provide district heating in a number of cities in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland and Russia.

Convenient form of heating

District heating is a convenient and reliable form of heating. It is also good for the environment, since the heat increasingly comes from recycled energy. With district heating, you enjoy more comfortable living and you contribute to building a sustainable society.

We provide district heating in several cities

  • In Finland: Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi
  • In Poland: Wrocław, Częstochowa and Płock
  • In Baltic countries: Jelgava, Parnu, Tartu and small networks in Lithuania
  • In Norway: Oslo - Fortum Oslo Varme

AI-driven smart steering to reduce emissions

Demand side response - DSR, or the smart control of district heating, optimises heat production and the heating of buildings at differing intervals so that heat is directed to where it is most needed at that time. With demand side response, we reduce the use of back-up heat plants - and emissions.

Two-way district heating

With two-way district heating, companies and businesses both big and small can sell their excess heat to us. We are providing cost-efficient cooling and heat recovery systems for data centers in Stockholm, Oslo and Espoo. The excess heat from data centers is recovered and returned to district heating network.


Future district heating

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We use waste heat from wastewater for district heating in Suomenoja, Finland

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Waste heat from data centers is recovered and returned to the district heating network

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Geothermal heat will be used in district heat production in Finland starting 2021

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AI-driven demand side response reduces the amount of heat energy needed

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Bio-heating facility in Kivenlahti, Finland was commissioned in 2020