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Fortum eNext has extensive experience in commissioning, operating & maintaining as well as upgrading our customers' assets across the globe. We help you optimise your energy production on the journey towards a cleaner world.

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Fortum eNext to design, install and operate Dublin's first low-carbon district heating network
Turbine hall at Fortum Suomenoja power plant
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Combining plant owner perspective with strong engineering know-how

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Efficient asset lifecycle management with non-OEM approach

Fortum eNext supports power and heat producers in maximising the availability and performance of their assets. Building on the heritage and know-how of running and optimising our customers’ and our own operations, we offer expert services in power plant operations, maintenance, and modernisations. As an independent service provider we handle equipment originally supplied by a wide selection of different OEM's, bringing in our extensive engineering expertise. We see our customers' situation from the owner’s perspective, striving for the most economical and technically best suitable solution for each case.

Fortum eNext

Watch our story and see how we can help you use your power for good.

Your partner for winning performance and decarbonisation

At Fortum eNext, our goal is to help you improve your power plant's operations without compromising on environmental commitments. We advice how you can achieve the best return for your power and heat investments, and provide you with comprehensive services in the field of turbine and generator maintenance and smart energy solutions.


Here are the services we offer:

  • Long-term O&M (operation and maintenance) services and mobilisation
  • Turbine island upgrading, overhaul and troubleshooting services for steam and gas turbines, generators and systems
  • Low-carbon solutions for local energy systems and electrifying customers' processes
  • Productivity and performance development services for bio, gas and waste-to-energy plants

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