Forerunner in nuclear waste management

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Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management

For more than 30 years, Fortum has been a forerunner in nuclear decommissioning and waste management. We have developed innovative solutions for radioactive liquid purification, waste solidification, interim storage of spent fuel and final disposal of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste. We will be amongst the first nuclear power companies to start the final disposal of spent fuel. See our product offering below and read more of our expertise.

Turn-key solutions for planning and implementation

Nuclear power plant’s decommissioning costs are hundreds of millions per plant unit. Fortum’s approach to decommissioning planning considers nuclear waste disposal and treatment solutions already in the beginning of the NPP operation. This enables optimization of nuclear waste management operations and minimization of the costs of decommissioning a nuclear power plant<


Customizable solutions for the purification of radioactive liquid waste through the use of highly selective ion exchange materials


A solution for treating radioactive liquid waste containing boron.

Waste Solidification, Storage and Repositories

  • Full design services to ensure the safe and economical disposal of low- and intermediate-level waste. 
  • Cost efficient and easily adaptable and customizable interim storage designs
  • Liquid waste solidification plant

360° Video

Enhance understanding, collaboration, communication and efficiency among the decommissioning project

Immersive Training Solutions

Take your training experience to the next level with our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator solutions.

Reality Capture

The fastest and most cost-efficient way to collect as-is data of a plant site

Reduced waste volumes and waste management costs

As both nuclear power plant and nuclear waste facility licensee and operator, we have unique experience in optimising strategies and solutions for nuclear waste management. We can help our customers to significantly reduce the waste volumes and waste management costs at nuclear power plants by optimising the entire process from waste collection to final disposal.

Expertise over the nuclear waste lifecycle

We offer nuclear waste management solutions for new builds, operating nuclear power plants and plants under decommissioning. Tailored to customers' needs, the scope of our delivery can vary from small scale consultancy assignments to turnkey deliveries of waste management solutions.

Our nuclear waste management capability areas:

  • Nuclear waste management strategies
  • Safety engineering for nuclear waste facilities
  • Liquid waste purification
  • Waste solidification
  • Interim storage of spent fuel
  • Nuclear decommissioning waste management
  • Low and intermediate-level radioactive waste disposal
  • Final disposal of spent fuel with Posiva

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