Nuclear Decommissioning

Fortum's offering in decommissioning covers both decommissioning planning and studies, as well as on-site dismantling works, including waste management. The services can range from small consultations to turn-key solutions for nuclear facility decommissioning and waste management, according to customer needs.

Nuclear waste management
Nuclear Waste Management

Optimization of nuclear waste management operations

Decommissioning planning

Our services covers the whole decommissioning planning area from dismantling planning, preparing and evaluating cost estimates to updating decommissioning plans.

Cost efficient
Costs saving

Fortum’s expertise cover nuclear facilities dismantling from project management too execution of dismantling works.

Fortum's turn-key solutions for nuclear decommissioning and waste management

Large share of nuclear power plant’s decommissioning costs are due to labour and decommissioning waste disposal. Fortum’s approach to decommissioning planning already considers the treatment solutions and disposal of nuclear waste at the beginning of  NPP operation. This enables the optimization of nuclear waste management operations and the minimization of decommissioning costs.

Decommissioning planning for nuclear facilities

Our expertise covers the whole lifecycle including decommissioning plans from the preliminary to final versions as well as decommissioning strategies. We can prepare a decommissioning cost estimate for you or evaluate your existing cost estimation. Drawing from our experience, we can review your decommissioning plan to identify areas of improvement and potential for cost savings.

Decommissioning and dismantling

We are offering different kind services for decommissioning. We can act as a main contractor and take care of all decommissioning issues or we can offer services for different decommissioning packages and phases. We have a strong expertise on project, radiation and waste management and we can offer large scale services with our partners.

Our services for nuclear decommissioning:

  • Decommissioning strategy, licensing, waste management planning and plan review
  • Waste inventory for nuclear plants and facilities
  • Decomissioning cost estimates evaluation
  • Safety analyses for decommissioning works
  • Radiation management including radiation dose rates estimation
  • Activation analysis for inventory specification
  • Dismanling planning and execution
  • Waste management planning and execution
  • Site management and coordinating of dismantling tasks
  • Time scheduling and management
Antti Ketolainen, Nuclear Services

Antti Ketolainen

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Decommissioning and Waste
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Nuclear power

We offer services for the whole life-cycle of nuclear power plants