NURES® - Technology for Nuclide Removal

NURES® treats radioactive liquids to a higher purity and to a smaller waste volume than any competing organic or inorganic ion exchanger in the market.

What is NURES®?

NURES® purifies your radioactive liquids

NURES® technology purifies your radioactive liquids efficiently with less cost. It is based on patented, 100% inorganic, highly selective ion exchange ("IX") materials CsTreat, SrTreat, CoTreat, and SbTreat. The Treat IX materials have been developed from a user perspective and are proven in the most challenging conditions, including the water treatment at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant where extremely stringent purification criteria has been applied. The Treat IX materials have also shown their superior performance in independent tests. 

NURES® key benefits

  • Provides considerable cost savings in reduced interim and final storage volumes 

  • Provides the best purification level due to combination of high selectivity and capacity 

  • Is simple to implement and use

  • Leaves only inorganic waste

  • Robust for different liquid characteristics 

Impact of NURES® in the global nuclear landscape

NURES® up to date:






Total purified water (m3)

Customized solutions for your needs

You can easily tailor a solution for efficient nuclide removal. It can be either our: 

  • highly selective ion exchange material

  • a concept design, or 

  • a complete treatment system 

The NURES® IX materials efficiently remove nuclides such as cesium, strontium, cobalt, as well as other corrosion products. Applications include the treatment of evaporator concentrates, groundwater, floor drain liquids, laboratory wastes, decommissioning liquids, and spent fuel reprocessing liquids. Even high salt concentration does not pose a problem. 

"Decontamination rates of up to 4 million times were achieved during operation, reducing radiation levels in effluent below detection limits." 

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Highly selective ion exchange materials: CsTreat, SrTreat and CoTreat