Process Simulation and Safety Analysis

Apros® Case, TVO Finland

Apros® has been successfully utilised in different phases of the nuclear power plant life-cycle at TVO, Finland. Read more

Process simulation and safety analysis

Our key product for process simulation and safety analysis is APROS® - Advanced Process Simulation Software. APROS® enables the modelling and simulation of complex NPP configurations, from solving engineering issues to the dynamic testing of digital instrumentation and control systems. In a single software tool we successfully combine high accuracy with high simulation speed making APROS® an excellent choice for a variety of use cases from safety analysis to full-scope training simulators.


Comprehensive and accurate advanced process simulator software.

Safety Analysis

Safety analysis services for power upgrades, modernizations, safety improvements and new builds covering PRA, SAM, radiation safety and deterministic safety analysis.


Apros® has been the basis for building simulators for engineering, development and I&C testing as well as both traditional and VR full scope training simulators.

Immersive Training Solutions

Take your training experience to the next level with our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator solutions.

Control Room Design Services

Fortum’s control room design and consulting services cover projects ranging from small improvements to complete control room implementations, including services from pre-engineering to commissioning and licensing.

Virtual Panels for Simulator Control Rooms

Give your plant personnel a fast, flexible and easy-to-use simulator interface at low costs - Fortum Virtual Panels for nuclear power plants.

Our simulation and safety analysis knowledge has been utilized around the world


Apros® is used in 32 countries


Over 800 Apros® licenses have been delivered


Years of experience in designing, licensing and operation of NPPs

Beside our Apros® simulation software, our comprehensive safety analysis offering includes:

  • Probabilistic Risk Analysis
  • Severe Accident Management
  • Radiation safety
  • Deterministic Safety analysis

As well as the following simulator types:

  • Engineering Simulator
  • Development Simulator
  • I&C Testing Simulator
  • Full Scope Training Simulator
  • Full Scope Simulator in Virtual Reality
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