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Hydropower - Nordics' best kept secret and natural resource

09 September 2019

Hydro power is the most important form of renewable energy in the Nordic countries. Apart from being a renewable source of power, it produces no CO2 emissions. It is predictable, reliable and flexible. Hydro power has been around for 500 years, but it feels like it has been taken for granted. Hydro power is crucial in the change towards a renewable future. It is the regulator that fills the gaps when the wind is not blowing and the sun not shining, and the other renewables can't produce.

But we at Fortum want to do more. We want to take hydro power to the next level. And that is exactly what our new battery innovation does.

Join Martin Lindström and Alessandro Ferraris when they together with our host Paulina Modlitba talk abut hydro power - the greatest treasure of the Nordics.

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