ForTheDoers Podcast

Is my future full of sacrifices?

19 August 2019, 15:33

Podcast team

Our vision is For a cleaner world. As humans, we can no longer build our well being on the consumption of finite resources. Everywhere around us, we hear people talk about the things they shouldn't do. But we believe that global climate challenges won't be resolved by don'ts and denial but by driving change where it matters. This is why we need doers. We need innovations and technological development. And we need active consumers.

But are we willing to sacrifice? Do our small actions as individuals really matter? Is our future full of sacrifices?

Join Kristina Hoff Wanderås and Cornelius Nergård when they discuss individual's role in global warming. Together with our host Paulina Modlitba, they share their own experiences and thoughts about the sacrifices they make and the solutions that will benefit us all.

ForTheDoers Podcast