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12 August 2019, 14:10

For the doers podcast

Decarbonisation is deeply embedded in our DNA, and in the future, there is an increasing need for low-CO2 energy as we need to replace fossil fuels in traffic, industry, heating and cooling. We see the 2020s becoming the decade of electricity.

Going forward, we must be smart in driving change where it matters most. We acknowledge that this is not a road we can take alone. It is about joining forces and welcoming all doers to join us. So we introduce the ForTheDoers podcast, a five-episode podcast that tackles different aspects of a cleaner future for us and coming generations.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to make a difference for a cleaner world.

We had the pleasure to have Paulina Modlitba as our host for the series. She is an MIT graduate who has worked in start-up schene and hosts podcasts in Sweden. Every Monday for the next five weeks, she is joined by interesting Fortum people who are the doers of today and the doers of tomorrow.

Welcome to ForTheDoers by Fortum!

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