Meet Fortum’s Faces of transition!
Faces of Transition

Meet our Faces of Transition

Climate change is on everyone’s lips – and it should be! We have a massive challenge in front of us to make sure that we can live in a world where clean energy is available for all of us reliably and at a reasonable price. To do that, we need to change the energy system together.

Fortum and Uniper are together already one of the largest CO2-free power producers in Europe. Our target is to be completely carbon-neutral in Europe by 2035 and globally by 2050. But what is the key ingredient to ensuring that our energy production is clean, reliable and sustainable? The answer: our people!

Get to know Fortum’s and Uniper’s Faces of transition – a group of passionate people sharing their stories on how they all work towards the same goal; to create a cleaner world for us all. Stay tuned for more stories!

Meet the faces

Martin, NURES Product Manager

Nuclear power plays a very important role in our transition to renewable energy sources. But what about nuclear waste? Let’s hear Martin, who works as Product Manager for NURES, a technology that purifies radioactive liquids.

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Tiina, Development manager

The Internet consumes a lot of electricity. But what if you could use that energy to heat our homes, offices and buildings, carbon-free? Tiina talks about how we can reuse the heat from data centres in district heating.

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Bóas, Business Development Manager

Are batteries powering up the climate battle? Yes, but it doesn’t come without a challenge. Bóas, working to build a culture of circularity at Fortum, talks about the need to revolutionize battery recycling and how far we have come.

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Alessandro, Business Developer

Can a technology over 100 years old help us battle climate change? Hydropower might be old, but it’s still gold. Alessandro, responsible for making Fortum’s hydropower even better, explains why.

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Markus Sebastian, Public Affairs Manager

There’s a technology that could cut 15% of Oslo’s climate emissions overnight. Markus Sebastian, who works with the carbon capture project, tells us how.

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Fortum Battery Solutions

We are revolutionising the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries. Our low-CO2 battery recycling solution makes it possible to recycle over 80% of the battery, and 95% of the valuable metals contained in the battery's black mass can be put back into circulation.

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Hydropower – renewable and clean energy

Hydropower is the most important form of renewable energy in the Nordic countries. It is a steady source of power that produces no CO2 emissions. And with only water as an input, the low operating costs of hydropower stabilise the price of electricity for everyone.

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How do data centres impact climate?

Data volumes are growing exponentially worldwide, and the use of cloud services is on the rise. This will quickly expand the need for powerful data centres. Finland has excellent opportunities to mitigate the climate impacts of digitalisation: we can offer data centres clean electricity and use the waste heat generated by the centres to replace coal-based heat production.

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Nuclear power

Nuclear power plays an important role in clean energy production. As a reliable, CO2-free energy source, it helps satisfy today’s increasing electricity needs while mitigating climate change. Over its lifecycle, nuclear power has a carbon footprint as low as wind, hydro and solar power.

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Do you want to be one of the Faces of Transition?

With us you can take an active role in driving the change for a cleaner world. We value your curiosity and will to make your personal impact visible where it matters – keeping societies running with clean energy and sustainable solutions. The greatest challenge of our time awaits you!

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