Fortum in Ireland

Fortum owns and runs opera­tions in Ireland both globally and locally.

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Our business in Ireland

Fortum owns and runs operations in Ireland both globally and locally. Our companies in Ireland create shareholder value by owning and financing some key Fortum operations,  supporting their profitability and carrying the risks related to the financing, shareholdings and operations. 

Fortum Finance Ireland DAC (FFI DAC) offers efficient long-term financing for Fortum Group companies. FFI DAC financing is organised in independent, stable loan portfolios, ensuring predictable and safe financing for Fortum Group companies.​​

The strategic objective of FFI DAC is to protect Fortum Oyj's balance sheet from finance and equity-related risks in subsidiaries. The operative objective is to safeguard the safe financing of our operations. By creating a strong and stable company in FFI DAC with qualified management and employees, it can meet these objectives by absorbing possible losses in shareholdings and offering efficient financing while maintaining its own share value. This prevents Fortum Oyj from having losses in their books, therefore protecting Fortum Oyj’s distributable equity and shareholder value.

​Our headquarter office in Ireland is located in Shannon, Ireland with additional branches located in Netherlands and Belgium, and employs eight professionals in economics and finance, treasury, taxation, law and accounting across the headquarter and its branches. FFI DAC is located in Ireland, as Ireland offers a stable and well-developed infrastructure for financing and holding operations.

In addition, FFI DAC’s subsidiary Fortum eNext Ireland Ltd. provides services for some local district heating networks and power plants in Ireland.

Read more here: South Dublin County Council, with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fortum eNext, create Ireland’s first publicly owned, not-for-profit energy company.

For more information about FFIDAC, please read the legal company financial statements: