Fortum GO

The world needs doers and that is why we participate in the fight against climate change through the mobility revolution.

Our society is at the verge of disruption that will result from the electrification, connectivity and automation of mobility. We see that autonomous and electric vehicles will influence traffic, reducing pollution and CO2 emissions. Therefore, as a forward-looking company, Fortum wants to be at the forefront of researching and creating sustainable, resource efficient solutions in this field.

What is Fortum GO all about?

We have defined mobility and transportation as a key focus area of the Fortum Innovation and Venturing team. And within this focus area, our Fortum GO team aims to increase resource efficiency by using automation and electric fleet management in logistics.

Fortum GO autonomous driving demonstration

Public technology demonstrations

We will conduct a number of remote and autonomous mobility pilots to explore the potential opportunities and challenges in this landscape with our project members at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and Fleetonomy.AI Oy.

Autonomous driving: We are going to showcase the autonomous driving capabilities of our vehicle in early November. The aspiration of this test is to drive autonomously approximate 35 kilometers in the Helsinki city area.

Remote driving: First of our remote-driving demonstrations was organised in Helsinki on June 27. We believe that our demonstration was one of the first tests on the public road in Finland.

Fortum GO is brought to you by (present and past contributors in an alphabetical order):
Ilmari Ayres, Dipika Baad, Sofia Ekblom, Markus Kantonen, Kimmo Kauvo, Naba Kumar, Victor Ocariz, Olli Peura, Pertti Peussa, Pasi Pyykönen, Jaakko Siren, Ville-Matti Tarvonen, Ari Virtanen, and Joel Ypya.

We would like to hear from you

If you are interested to collaborate in fleet management and automation of logistics deliveries or would like to hear more about our upcoming demonstrations, please contact our project manager Naba Kumar directly at Naba [dot] Kumar [at] fortum [dot] comtarget="_blank".


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We in Fleetonomy are creating a human-machine cooperation platform to get people in the loop to remotely help autonomous vehicles both land and air to achieve their full potential with the current technology. We work with partners and on projects that can literally change the world as we know it and our ordinary day is still science fiction to most.