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Investment in Uniper

Fortum settled its voluntary PTO for the outstanding shares of Uniper SE on 26 June 2018. In the PTO Fortum acquired altogether 172,439,375 shares. This corresponds to 47.12% (E.ON's stake 46.65%) of the share capital and the voting rights of Uniper SE.
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Wind and solar in Russia

We have announced plans to further expand our wind and solar power production in Russia. Our long-term ambition is to have approximately 500 MW of renewable capacity in Russia.

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Fortum's operations in India

Fortum's operations in India are focused on solar power. We have four solar power plants in India: Amrit, Kapeli, Bhadla and Pavagada. We have also agreed with NBCC on developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across India, and have some R&D projects going on.

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Research and innovations for a cleaner world

The purpose of Fortum's research and innovations activities is to improve Fortum's competitiveness and to create a basis for new profitable business.

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Country fact sheets

We have core operations in 10 countries, with close to 9,000 energy sector professionals. Worldwide, we have 2.5 million customers across different brands, and over 150 power plants.

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