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Information on topical issues at Fortum.

Carbon removal

To prevent the worst impacts of climate change, we need to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we are releasing. As a complementary tool to actual emissions reductions, carbon removal is essential for reaching the 1.5-degree target set out in the Paris Agreement.

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Our actions to fight climate change

Fortum considers climate change as one of the biggest challenges for mankind, and mitigation requires strong political commitment as well as ambitious and prompt action.

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Fortum – A Clean Energy Architect for Data Centres

Our mission is to move towards a cleaner world, together. Advancing digitalisation and reducing emissions from energy production are big steps towards this goal. That’s why we want to enable new data centres to be located in the Nordic countries.

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Wind and solar in Russia

We have announced plans to further expand our wind and solar power production in Russia. The plans are in line with Fortum's overall target of creating a multi-gigawatt wind and solar portfolio.

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Fortum's operations in India

Fortum's operations in India are focused on solar power. We have four solar power plants in India: Amrit, Kapeli, Bhadla and Pavagada. We have also agreed with NBCC on developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across India, and have some R&D projects going on.

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Research and innovations for a cleaner world

The purpose of Fortum's research and innovations activities is to improve Fortum's competitiveness and to create a basis for new profitable businesses.

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Fortum and e-mobility

We believe that the electrification of transportation is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Country fact sheets

We have core operations in 10 countries, with close to 9,000 energy sector professionals. Worldwide, we have 2.5 million customers across different brands and over 150 power plants. 

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Fortum and coal

Our energy production is mainly based on carbon dioxide-free hydro and nuclear power, and on energy-efficient combined heat and power.  Coal’s share in our electricity production in 2019 was 3% and in heat production 18%.  

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