Environmental impacts of nuclear power

As a result of the Loviisa nuclear power plant’s electricity production, Finland emits about 6 million tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions compared to the equivalent amount of fossil fuel-based electricity.

Low environmental impact

The power plant’s most significant environmental impact is the thermal load on the sea caused by the cooling water.

Stable and reliable electricity generation

Nuclear power is an efficient way to generate electricity with low environmental impact.

Clean electricity for a growing need

Looking at the entire life cycle of production, the greenhouse gas emissions over nuclear power’s lifecycle are equivalent to those of wind, hydro and solar power.

The environmental work of the Loviisa power plant is guided by the environmental standard ISO 14001. The system covers all operations by the Loviisa power plant and its contractors who work at the island of Hästholmen.

Loviisa power plant waste management key figures 2019




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