Environmental impacts of nuclear power

The Loviisa nuclear power plant applies Fortum's sustainability policy in all its operations as well as the safety and environmental principles based on it, with an emphasis on the requirements related to the use of nuclear energy.

This is what we do:

  • Systematically identify and estimate the effects of the nuclear power plant on nuclear, radiation and work safety and environment.
  • Guide development work through action programs, with continuous improvement as goal.
  • Perform well-timed correcting actions, using up-to-date technology and know-how.
  • Work in close co-operation with interest groups in development and communication on environment and work safety.
  • Motivate the personnel to participate in maintaining and developing work safety and environmental systems.
  • Take care of the personnel's well-being by preventive actions.

The main environmental impact of nuclear power consists of construction of the plant, fuel procurement and of the thermal load of the cooling water discharged into the sea during operation. Nuclear-based electricity production does not create carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions. When reviewing the entire production lifecycle, the climate impact of operating nuclear power is similar to that of wind, solar or hydropower.

High level nuclear safety and radiation safety are key factors in managing the environmental impacts of nuclear power. Loviisa nuclear power plant has a high level of safety, and we develop the safety and availability of the plant based on the principle of continuous improvement. In 2017, no safety significant events were reported at Loviisa power plant (on INES, The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale of the Internation Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA).

Environmental standard in use

The goal of Loviisa power plant is to cause as little environmental impact as possible by operating responsibly. The environmental work of the Loviisa power plant is guided by the environmental standard ISO 14001. The system covers all operations by the Loviisa power plant and its contractors who work at the island of Hästholmen.