Suomenoja CHP plant

Suomenoja CHP is located in Espoo, Southern Finland. The power plant produces heat for the inhabitants of the nearby cities and electricity. The length of the district heating network is over 800 km.

Suomenoja CHP plant

Several investments over the years

Although the Suomenoja power plant has been in production since 1977, several investments have been made over the years. At the moment the plant consists of six different units. The latest unit is a 40 MW heat pump which reduces CO2 emissions in the area by 15 %. The new heat accumulator, which is under construction, can storage about 800 MWh of heat energy. The plant uses coal and natural gas as fuels.


Panu Ahrnberg
Head of Production
Tel: +358405542462

Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Suomenoja power plant
Area Manager: Hannu Vinnamo
Hylkeenpyytäjäntie 4
FI-02270 Espoo, Finland